TOTh 2018

TOTh 2018
7-8 June 2018, University of Savoie, Chambéry, France
Opening talk: Frames and Specialized Knowledge Representation
Pr. Pamela Faber, University of Granada
Abstract: Specialized knowledge units or terms acquire their meaning in context, more specifically within a frame. Few would disagree that the understanding of an entity or group of entities depends on having access to the information needed to activate the right frame or knowledge structure in which the word or term should be processed. However, there is somewhat less agreement on the exact nature of a frame and how to specify it. Frames in Artificial Intelligence, which are non-language-specific, are somewhat different from frames in Linguistics, which are linked to a specific language. Nevertheless, in terminology and specialized language, both types of frame are relevant, depending on whether one is referring to the conceptual structure of a knowledge domain or the use of terms in specialized texts. It is thus necessary to explore convergence points between these two ways of understanding frames and focus on a unified vision with a view to enhancing specialized knowledge representations.
Biography: Pamela Faber is full professor in the Department of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada. She holds degrees from the University of North Carolina, the University of Paris IV, and the University of Granada. She is best known for her research in Frame-Based Terminology, a theory developed within the LexiCon research group, with whom she has carried out various national and international ​research projects. She is the author of over a hundred articles, chapters, and books, mainly on terminology, specialized lexicography, and lexical semantics.​

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