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Online Training 2022 (in English)
« From text to conceptual-based dictionaries: a terminological approach »
Dates :31 May & 1st June 2022
Schedule : From 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Place : Local Information
People in charge of the training:
– Rute Costa, NOVA CLUNL | FCSH Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
– Christophe Roche, Université Savoie Mont-Blanc, Condillac Research Group
– Sara Carvalho, NOVA CLUNL | CLLC – Universidade de Aveiro
Terminology work aims to systematize linguistic and conceptual information and make it available to end users – which can be both humans and machines – in a format that can be used, reused and shared. To achieve this goal, the terminological information must be treated and organized considering the most suitable methods depending on the research goals. We will focus on some research scenarios where linguistic knowledge is required. Methods will be built on textual information. The result will be accessible in the format of conceptual-based dictionaries. The intertwining between the linguistic and conceptual dimensions will be taken into consideration throughout the training session.
Student: 50 €
Academic: 100 €
Industrial: 150 €

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