Training 2021

Onsite & Online Training 2022 (in English)
« Combining Terminology and Ontology »
Dates: 1st June 2022
Schedule: from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Person in charge of the training
Pr. Christophe Roche
Université Savoie Mont-Blanc, Condillac Research Group (France)
University of Liaocheng, KETRC (China)
Ontology, in the sense of Knowledge Engineering, is one of the most promising perspectives for Terminology today.
By proposing an « extralinguistic » representation of the conceptual system that makes up any terminology, ontology not only allows the operationalization of terminologies for information processing purposes (specialized translation, semantic and multilingual search engines, knowledge management, etc.), but also renews the discipline of Terminology in its foundations, principles and methods, hence offering new possibilities.
This training session will begin by recalling the foundations of Terminology as a scientific discipline, emphasizing its dual linguistic and conceptual dimension.
The different theories of the concept that underlie Terminology will also be introduced. Emphasis will be placed on ontology defined as a formal representation of a conceptualization.
Finally, the notion of ontoterminology, i.e., a terminology whose conceptual dimension is a formal ontology, will be introduced. The necessity to link the linguistic and conceptual dimensions, concepts and terms will be put forward and the multiple benefits of this approach will be detailed; most prominently: i. permitting to take into account and reconcile specialized language and specialized knowledge, without rejecting one for the benefit of the other, ii. allowing to standardize what can be standardized, namely domain knowledge, and to preserve what must be preserved, namely linguistic diversity.
Participants will have hands-on practice through concrete examples on how to model, define (represent), and name the concepts of a domain.
PS: Participants are asked to bring their laptop.
Objectives of the training
Participants will acquire the theoretical and practical skills necessary in order to build the formal conceptual system of terminology. Protégé will be used for building ontologies opening Terminology to the Semantic Web.
Target audience
Linguists, Terminologists, Translators, Archivists, Computer scientists, Knowledge engineers…
Training Fees: As the training will also take place online, the registration fees are reduced.
Student: 25 €
Academic: 50 €
Other/Industrial : 100 €

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