Training 2023 DH

Onsite & Online Training 2023 (in English)
« Terminology & Digital Humanities »
Dates: May 30 & 31, 2023
Schedule: from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Limited to 25 participants
Persons in charge of the training
Pr. Christophe Roche, University of Crete – TALOS ERA Chair Holder, Université Savoie Mont-Blanc
Dr. Maria Papadopoulou, University of Athens, University of Crete
Digital Humanities (DH) is a newly emerging interdisciplinary area at the intersection of Computer Science and the Humanities (including but not limited to art, geography, history, language, literature, music). Its main aim is to develop and implement digital tools to Humanities research.

The fundamental question in DH is how datasets from the Humanities can be represented digitally in such a way that both humans and machines can process and exchange them on the Web. Ontology and Terminology have a central role to play to this end.

This two-day summer school is dedicated to the construction of terminologies and ontologies in Digital Humanities using Protégé, the most the most commonly used ontology editor.

This two-day course will be illustrated with practical works on the example of ancient Greek vases
Prerequisites: a minimum knowledge of Protégé and its practice
Participants are asked to bring their laptop.
Objectives of the training
– introduction to Digital Humanities, Terminology and Ontology
– competencies in building ontologies and terminologies in Protégé.
Target audience
Linguists, Terminologists, Translators, Librarians, Information Scientists, Digital Humanists, Cultural Heritage Experts, Computer scientists, Knowledge engineers…
Training Fees:
Student: 50 €
Academic: 100 €
Other/Industrial : 150 €

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